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BN Intercontinental Bank is here to provide superior and support financially to all stakeholders (Individual, Corporate bodies and Non-governmental entities) and to be among the world-class financial institutions in the world. BN Intercontinental bank is one of the first new generation private institution banks in London, New York to have begun operations in 2017.

The Bank was promoted in 2016 duly to our risk management, reinforcement, humility, speed technology, experienced employees and hard work. Currently, our office headquarters is located subsidiary at London, UK #119 roker terrace, lapley and our international office branch with representative at Belgium.

Our international operations of the Bank are spread over the world and within six months of opening our doors for business, we had already broken even. A remarkable feat that set the stage for our expansion which can be found not only in our steadily growing network of branches, mobile banking platform and in our solid base of satisfied customers, but in the various awards we have garnered in the industry for customer service, digital product offerings, trade deals, human resource, corporate social responsibility, and overall best bank. We are here to compete and to target the highest level within the banking sectors in Europe.


Our heritage spans more years of investing in communities, people and the industries we serve. We are a progressive banking institution, endowed with a strong financial structure and a visionary management, in addition to a loyal and growing customer and correspondent banking base.

TRUST: We recognise and respond to the needs of our customers and colleagues and respect our heritage.

INTEGRITY: We feel part of BN Intercontinental Bank and are supported and challenged to do a great job.

RESPECT: We play to our strengths and build teams that deliver at the local and global levels.

RESPONSIBILITY: We treat our customers' assets with great care, managing risk in all that we do.

COMMITMENT: We set high professional and ethical standards for ourselves and each other.

TEAMWORK: We take personal responsibility for ourselves, our actions and always give our best.

Samuel Bailey --- James Turner --- Peter Taylor --- Fredrick Williams


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Our clients say
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